Hymns Committee Updates


This section is dedicated to sharing the most current hymns of our doctrine, audio and word files, received by our elders. As a place to find hymns and hinarios that may not be readily available on other websites, this section will also evolve to include additional information regarding the hymns and music of our Doctrine (English translations, nuances about the hymns, etc.), as needed.

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Padrinho Alfredo

Padrinho Alfredo is the son of Padrinho Sebastião Mota de Melo and Madrinha Rita Gregório. He was born January 7th, 1950 in the state of Amazonas, in a very remote area of the Juruá river. At the age of 7, he moved to Rio Branco with his family.  At this age he was already participating in spiritual works of “Mesa Branca” led by his father.  He was introduced to the Santo Daime by Mestre Raimundo Irineu Serra.  He started receiving hymns in the 1970’s.  He accompanied his father as Padrinho Sebastião took the Santo Daime community deeper into the forest, eventually founding Céu do Mapiá. He now is the spiritual leader of Céu do Mapiá along with his Mother, Brother Waldete, and assisted by the high council doctrine, chosen among the oldest and most capable members of the church. Padrinho Alfredo is also the CEO of ICEFLU and chairman of the doctrine of the church.  Still today, he spreads the doctrine throughout the world on his continuous tours. He has three very beautiful and poetic hinarios that each bring inspiring messages of harmony, love, truth, and justice and a constant invitation to union and peace. These are O Cruzeirinho, Nova Era and Nova Dimensão.

Padrinho Paulo Roberto

Padrinho Paulo Roberto found the Santo Daime when he met Padrinho Sebastião in 1976.  Later he married Padrinho’s daughter, Madrinha Nonata, and opened the first church outside of the Amazon, Céu do Mar, in Rio de Janeiro.  Padrinho Paulo took the Santo Daime to many countries throughout the world.   He opened the illumination works in our doctrine.  Padrinho Paulo hosts workshops on mediumship in Brazil and in the US every year.  He also formed an alliance with the Yawanawa people of the Amazon.  He supports many projects and continues to spread the doctrine throughout the world. He has three very powerful hinarios, Luz na Escuridão, Nova Aliança, and Caminho do Ceu.

Madrinha Nonata

Madrinha Nonata is the daughter of Padrinho Sebastiao Mota de Melo and Madrinha Rita Gregório.  She is married to Padrinho Paulo Roberto and lives in Rio de Janeiro where she is the Madrinha of Céu do Mar.  Madrinha Nonata and Padrinho Paulo opened the illumination works in our doctrine. Madrinha Nonata tours the US every year. She has three children; Jordana, Jordão, and Jasmine. Madrinha Nonata brings the presence of her father and holds the strong feminine force of her mother as well.  Her hinario Presença Transparente do Beija-flor transmits this force.

Jordana de Melo e Souza

Jordana is the oldest daughter of Padrinho Paulo and Madrinha Nonata. She grew up in the doctrine and continues to carry on the tradition by helping to hold the illumination works and touring with her mother and family. She has her own hinario and is expecting her first child.


Jordão is the only son of Madrinha Nonata and Padrinho Paulo. Jordão also grew up in the doctrine of the Santo Daime, and tells that his spirituality truly opened when he connected with the Yawanawa tribe, with whom his father has created an alliance. Now Jordão is now studying to be a Pajé in the Yawanawa tradition.  With this, he is strengthening the relationship between the tribe and our doctrine in many ways. He takes groups of people to the tribe and is helping to support the Yawanawa people through many projects. He has a very powerful hinario and travels with his father and family on their tours.

Mestre-Conselheiro Luiz Mendes

Luiz Mendes do Nascimento was born on January 4th, 1940, in the state of Acre, in Brazil. His wife, Madrinha Rizelda, is the daughter of early disciples of Mestre Irineu. He met Mestre Irineu when he was 22, and accompanied him during the last nine years of his earthly existence. While Mestre Irineu was still alive, Luiz Mendes was proclaimed “official speaker” because of his ability to use spoken language in a highly spiritual manner.

Seu Luiz, along with his family, daughters and sons, founded his own Church, the Centro Eclético Flor do Lótus Iluminado – CEFLI.

He lives in Vila Fortaleza, the community he founded. He and his family work and live in the forest, agriculturally self-reliant, helping to promote the preservation of the environment and sustainable development. Seu Luiz tours the US and Europe with his family. They also host gatherings in Fortaleza. He has two beautiful hinarios, Centenário and Novo Horizonte.

Saturnino Brito do Nascimento

Son of Senhor Luiz Mendes.

Padrinho Alex Polari de Alverga

Padrinho Alex is the author of Forest of Visions. He is also the president of CEFLURIS and a tireless advocate of the Santo Daime doctrine. He and his wife, Sonia, travel the world every year to spread the doctrine’s teachings and healing.