Green Group - Mission

Green Group Mission Statement


Who We Are: In the spirit of deep respect, appreciation, and communion with our Most Holy Queen of the Forest, a few fardados came together on the Spring Equinox of 2016 to form “The Green Group,” with the mission of “greening” our family of churches in the U.S. and Canada.

Our Prayer: Fundamental to the Doctrine of the Santo Daime is a profound reverence for and gratitude to Mother Nature and all of the gifts that She abundantly showers upon us. Our religion was born in the emerald resplendence of the Amazon rainforest, which is the natural habitat of the vine and leaf that alchemize our sacrament. The medicines, wisdom, healings and blessings that we receive from the divine beings of the ocean, rivers, mountains, earth and plants invigorate our desire to protect our planet’s precious resources. Our songs in praise of the Sun, Moon, and Stars inspire us to care for and be loving guardians of our world home.

Prayer Put into Practice: The Green Group offers guidance and suggestions to assist our national irmandade in initiating best practices around ecological sustainability and conscious consumerism. Mother Theresa once said, “Not all of us can do great things. But we can do small things with great love.” We believe that each humble step that we take to protect our environment is significant and contains seeds of great, positive potential. Our goal in the near-term is to use non-toxic products in our works and social gatherings; to reduce the amount of waste that we generate; and to use our collective purchasing power to support businesses and other organizations that are supportive of a healthy and thriving planet. We believe that by caring for our environment, we also support our own physical and spiritual health as well as the vibrance and strength of our families and communities. The best solutions are ones in which everyone wins.